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What I Wore in June

This will never be a legit fashion blog, but What I Wore posts are just too much fun! Here's a sampling of some of my favorite outfits from June. It's been fun to dress for a new work environment and play around with a bunch of new clothes this month. My mom got me clothes for my birthday, I bought some new workwear for the new job and I got a big bag of hand-me-downs from a friend.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these. There were other favorites that I just forgot to photograph. When I take records like this of my outfits, I definitely see that I tend to always want at least one pop of color, a print, or both!

Top left: This was a Saturday of errands. I've had those shorts for at least four years and it never ceases to amaze me how versatile that color can be. The shirt is from J Crew and I've been wanting that shirt for YEARS. My mom snagged it from ThredUp for my birthday. [Shoes: Payless hand-me-down; shorts: old from Kmart; shirt: J crew via ThredUp; necklace: local discount store]

Top right: Despite my love of color, I sure do have a lot of black, white and gray in my wardrobe. My default pop of color for black is red. I need to find some other colors to use! [Shoes: thrifted; skirt: ThredUp; blouse: JCPenney; Cardigan: thrifted New York and Company; Necklace: Amazon]

Bottom left: I don't have too many colors where I could pull off a monochromatic look, but blue is one of those few! Hand-me-downs strike again in this outfit as the shoes are from my mom and the top is from a friend. [Shoes: hand-me-down; Skirt: ThredUp; Top: hand-me-down; Necklace: Charming Charlie]

Bottom right: These pinstriped skinny dress pants have an ELASTIC WAIST and are my favorite thing in my closet right now. I wear them once a week. They're just so me! [Pants: JCPenney Worthington Pull-on skinny pants; blouse: Thrifted New York and Company; blazer: JCPenney]


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